How To Stay On Top Of Bad Reviews On The Web

Whether you are a mom and pop shop that repairs computers or a major corporation that actually manufactures computer, you must pay attention to your online reputation. One of the major factors that determines your online reputation is how you respond to negative reviews. There are right and wrong ways to go about responding to negative reviews. Responding properly can help reduce damage and may even increase your standing. Not responding or responding poorly will only make your reputation suffer even more.

If you do get a negative review, then take a good look at it. Why did the customer post a negative review? Was it due to a bad experience? Did you not deliver on a product or service? If the negative review or complaint was due to your part, you should own up to it or acknowledge it. This is key. Admitting your mistakes in life and in business will let your learn from it. In the case of online reputation, it will show that you do care about customers and that you will attempt to make things right.

Let’s say a review is posted and you seem to have done everything right. There were no mistakes or mishaps on your part. There just seems to be a customer who is not satisfied. Respond professionally and try to address the needs of the consumer. If that cannot be done, then you are better of ending it there. Don’t ignore bad reviews. You should always respond to them. However, if you cannot fix the issues or change the consumer’s mind, then don’t fret. Having some negative reviews is not the end of your brand.

What you should also do is to know where any bad reviews or content about your brand is coming from. You should also be to find out who is behind the negative reviews and why. Do your own research on the web and search out your brand products. See what is being said about it. Look at reviews. Remember there are over 100 different places where consumers can share stories about their experience with a product or service. Knowing the source and reason of bad reviews can greatly help you address them.


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