Squaw Valley Statement

Squaw Valley Resort in Olympic Valley, sits in the famed Lake Tahoe region of California. Squaw Valley has issued a statement regarding the drinking water at Squaw’s upper mountain. Due to heavy rain storms in October several of the water systems in Placer County were compromised. During the summer new water systems were installed in the Gold Coast and High Camp. These water systems were overrun by the storms. During routine testing of the water there was a finding of bacterias in the water. The testing done by Squaw Valley found e-coli and coliform bacteria in the water. This finding caused Squaw Valley to immediately notify health officials at the Placer County Department of Environmental Health and the Squaw Valley Public Service District. Fortunately the contaminated water was never available to the public.

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Squaw Valley is working with water safety experts as well as with local and county health officials to rectify this issue. They are taking steps to insure the safety of all guests and employees of their resort. There will not be normal water usage at either Gold Coast or High Camp until all tests confirm the safety of the water. So far there have been no reports of any health issues arising from the consumption of the affected water. Bottled water is being offered by Squaw Valley to all of their guests.

Squaw Valley has taken this matter very seriously and insures that the safety of their guests is first and foremost in all actions they are taking during this incident. Top to bottom skiing will continue on the slopes and skiers are all being made aware to not drink the water. All restaurants in the upper mountain area are remaining closed.

Since Squaw Valley reported this issue on November 8th the water is being continuously treated. The most recent news from the Placer County Department of Environmental Health has reported that three of the four wells are showing low levels of coliform and no E. coli. The treatment and testing will continue until the water is deemed safe by all experts and officials. Squaw Valley will continue to keep their guests informed and updated as this very important situation is taken care of. Squaw Valley is incredibly thankful to Placer County and the Squaw Valley Public Service District for all of the assistance and cooperation each of these organizations has shared with them during this critical time.

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