A Shooting as an Example of Needed Change

The Quincy New Brunswick is an apartment complex in New Jersey which has been the scene of multiple violent crimes over the past three years. The first noticeable incident took place on May 7, 2013 when a pizza delivery man working in the area was robbed at gunpoint. This incident of armed robbery by an individual who went by the nickname, “Pistol”, is only the first example in how the apartment location has negatively effected those living within it and around it. The latest incident, which included the shooting of an unidentified man and a visit to the local hospital, is another prime reason why something needs to be done to resolve these issues.


33 Commercial Avenue, which is located in the same proximity as The Quincy, saw four cases of gunfire at roughly 9:30 PM. A few moments later a man walked himself into the nearby hospital with non-life threatening gun shot wounds. The local police are still searching for who is responsible for this crime, and the names of the man who was shot and those may be responsible are being guarded until a later date while the investigation continues.


The increase in crime around The Quincy is a startling for those living nearby. They are frightened that they are in danger themselves, with the constant realization that gunfire occurs on a normal basis. In order to resolve these issues once and for all there needs to be an increase in police presence and a move towards providing an opportunity for members of the community to see them in action so that they can understand their personal importance to the New Brunswick society as a whole. Without a change in pace on how the police are handling these issues there might not be a solution that is found to meet this issue successfully.

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