Building The Future of Russia

Alexei Beltyukov is known for his entrepreneurial and philanthropic endeavors. He is the founder of New Gas Technologies and Endemic Capital. Surprisingly, Alexei Beltyukov first studied medicine at university.

After practicing medicine for a few years, he enrolled at INSEAD, a prominent French business school, to study business. He graduated from the school with an MBA in business studies. He went on to become a successful businessman.

Beltyukov worked for different companies before founding New Gas Technologies in 2006. Between 2003 and 2004, he worked for Brunswick capital as the Vice President of Business and Strategy development. New Gas Technologies specializes in exploiting petroleum gas. It does that by employing the latest techniques in the industry. For example, New Gas produces high-octane gasoline using methanol and low-octane hydrocarbons. At New Gas, Beltyukov emphasizes the efficient use of fossil fuels.

In 2013, Alexei Beltyukov formed Endemic Capital, a company whose main goal is to help talented entrepreneurs build successful businesses. The company does this by injecting early stage investments in upcoming companies. It also acts as a minority shareholder in its portfolio companies. Endemic capital mainly invests in Russia. By 2016, it had invested in 9 companies, both in Russia and abroad.

Besides entrepreneurship, Beltyukov is a committed philanthropist. His philanthropy revolves around education and boosting businesses. He established the Russian Alumni Scholarship of INSEAD. The fund provides financial assistance to Russians studying at INSEAD. His endeavors in education do not end there.

In 2014, Alexei Beltyukov founded Solvy, a mathematics problem-solving software. In February 2015, he became its Chief Operating Officer. He also established A- Ventures, a company that provides capital and financial advice to struggling Russian companies.

The Russian government noticed Beltyukov’s interest in growing entrepreneurs and made him the Vice President of Skolkovo Foundation. The non-profit organization is charged with the diversification of the Russian economy. It does so by supporting entrepreneurs, mainly in energy and advanced technologies sectors.

Beltyukov also calls other people to philanthropy. He regularly meets INSEAD graduates who he encourages to create a pool of young entrepreneurs by giving back to the society.

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