The App For Handy The Home Cleaning Company

Handy, the home cleaning company has an exciting business model. It gains new customers primarily through a smartphone app. Since many consumers currently shop for just about everything from their phones, Handy is simply going with the trend. Currently, customers can order services that include home or apartment cleaning, plumbing, and handyman services.

The streamlined on-demand cleaning company hit $1 million in weekly bookings only two years after its initial start-up and credits its success to a very thorough vetting process of its workers. Workers can expect an $18 to $22 hourly pay and their schedules can be very flexible with the worker having a great deal of control of their scheduling of working hours.

Customers enjoy the freedom of online appointment scheduling for which can be as flexible as the customer wishes. They can find out immediately what dates and times are open. The concept of using apps for just about everything mobile is thoroughly accepted and the app is well-designed.

The home cleaning industry has not exactly won rave reviews over the years with companies having had difficulties in both quality control and employee dissatisfaction. Even though there have been success stories in several instances, the industry as a whole has had its difficulties with high employee turnover and customer service issues.

Handy seems to have addressed the customer problems with a concentrated focus on solving problems very quickly. In the often murky world of maid services and home cleaning agencies, this is a major step forward. Satisfied customers re-book the services, and this is really the lifeblood of this industry.

According to Realestatetechnews– a big factor to the success of any regional business in the cleaning industry is market share. Handy has been able thus far to fill the gaps of competitors who don’t make it. Not only has over $12 million been raised for further expansion, but the growth rate has hovered around the 60% level several months in a row.

The model seems to be working well, as new offices have opened in Chicago, San Francisco, Boston and Los Angeles. Customers are able to use the app which is the ultimate in customer convenience. Happenstance appointments and unreliable service are replaced with total customer control. An exact time is scheduled by the customer along with the number of rooms the customer wished to be cleaned and a quote. Everything is handled online down to the payment by credit or debit card.

In essence, Handy has a lot of good things happening at a time when good cleaning availability is in demand by customers. The future looks bright as Handy capitalizes on the need.








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