Securus Justified Legal Stand

Securus Technologies is a leading provider of the civil and the criminal justice technological solutions that ensure public safety, corrections, investigation, and monitoring. They have their head offices in Dallas, Texas. They have undertaken a repudiation claim against the ongoing GTL’s Campaigns of Misleading Press Releases. The GTL press release contains several statements that I find somehow misleading and inaccurate most of the time. This press release is intended to correct and provide clarification on several of the GTL’s incorrect claims .

The GTL’s first allegation is on patent rights against Securus Technologies and they seek injunctions against Securus, but Securus has made a justified stand and faced no injunctions, I would consider this as the most the appropriate correction since Securus has recently received accreditation from the Better Business Bureau . This implies that Securus could not have received the accreditation if the allegations had been found to hold legitimacy.

Despite GTL pushing forward the claims of patent infringement by Securus, PTAB has held that the 55 claims under the 816 patent protect GTL technology for the video monitoring during visitations. I would consider the idea to have been a great initiative as it was adopted as a project after the adoption of JPay Inc. and asides from the video visitations, the service has grown to serve over 1.6 million inmates and in service of 33 State Department Corrections .

GTL have a claim that it is the hobby of Securus to litigate false accusations against major competing companies so that they may later dominate in a buyout or a takeover. But I think that Securus has more patents that GTL owns and if they have to engage in a corporate battle, it’s because there is a justification for the act. Therefore, it implies that the patent metrics held by Securus are superior to those of GTL.

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