Securus Technologies positively Influences Prison life

Securus Technologies, a leading service provider of technological solutions, has recently made a positive impact in the lives of inmates. The technology giant has implemented one free call for every detainee. This move is geared towards enabling friends and families keep in contact. The grounds for making the decision were based on the recent floods, which wreaked havoc in Louisiana. The program is slated to kick off on September 7th. Watch more on


As reiterated by Securus Technologies CEO, the aim of maintaining communication during the floods is to reduce anxiety, and stress levels between prisoners and their loved ones. Since the recent flooding was severe, it implies that extraordinary measures and sacrifices must be made. The company made a sacrifice of connecting detainees at an estimated fee of 300,000 thousand dollars.


Besides that, a 50,000 thousand dollar contribution is consistently being made to the department of corrections welfare in Louisiana. The significant amount of funds used to facilitate communication, to my understanding is a huge incentive. Many technology franchises may not have the audacity to spend that much, but Securus Technologies did. Therefore, it needs to be hailed and given a standing ovation.


About Securus Technologies, Inc.


The company offers a cutting edge technological solution geared to making a revolution in the incarceration experience. It is was incepted in 1986 and has its headquarters in Dallas Texas. Other regional offices are situated in Georgia, Atlanta, Allen and Carrollton. Among the services provided include swift emergency response, disaster management, biometric analysis and inmate self-service. I think that all these services are one simple means of making the world a safer habitat.


After sampling close to 3450 facilities, I came to a realization that all of them are entirely dependent on the firm for fast, easy-to-use, and reliable communication solution. The company boasts of numerous patents, visionary leaders and over 1,000 team players who strive to incept innovations on a daily basis. As at July 2016, more than 600 million dollars had so been invested in technologies. In my point of view, Securus Technologies is geared towards future success.

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