Swiss Startup Factory Growing Tremendously under the Leadership of Mike Baur

Mike Baur, the co-founder of Swiss Startup Factory, currently serves as its CEO. Baur’s duties include overseeing the investment strategy of the company as well as its daily operations. He uses his extensive experience to advise both institutional and individual investors on how to establish successful business empires and help them to continue making wise investment decisions. Before co-founding Swiss Start-up Factory, Baur had a thriving career in the Swiss Private Banking sector. Despite starting as a commercial intern at UBS, Baur managed to rise through ranks and became an executive board member of the established Swiss Private Bank.

Educational background

Academic wise, Mike Baur is well established. He earned his MBA from the University of Rochester New York. He proceeded to join the University of Bern and graduated with an Executive MBA. Mike Baur strongly supports educational causes and advises the youths to excel in the academic before venturing into business.


Baur decided to venture into private business in 2014. Together with his two partners, they started the Swiss Startup Factory, a leading independent and confidentially financed ICT Startup with its main offices in Switzerland.

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Factual details on Swiss Startup Factory

The Zurich-based Swiss Startup Factory specializes in identifying talented digital entrepreneurs and offering them exciting opportunities. Since the company has strong business ties with various established business and high net worth individuals in Switzerland as well as across the globe, it enables fresh startups to tap into new market opportunities. It provides alternative sources of capital to the ambitious young entrepreneurs.

The company conducts an accelerator program, which runs for a span of three months. Through the accelerator program, it offers a unique avenue of services, mentoring, entrepreneurial network, coaching, as well an office space strategically located in Zurich.

Improving customer service

Swiss Startup Factory aims at offering exceptional services and helping entrepreneurs to achieve their goals. In line with this goal, the firm acquired the services of Michael Hartweg, an accomplished business executive and co-founder of Leonteg to not only offer investment advice, but also serve as an investor in firms that have goals of establishing successful businesses in the corporate market. Hartweg will invest specifically in few startups launched from within the Swiss Startup Factory. Additionally, he will coach founders and firms that have ventured into Fintech business.

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