Norman Pattiz of PodcastOne Announces Results On Podcast Advertising

Norman Pattiz has been the chief executive officer of PodcastOne since 2016.

Pattiz has been gracing news headlines for announcing the results that were compiled after a marketing research that was conducted to establish the relationship between podcast advertising and brand recall. The release of the results was made possible through the assistance of Tom Webster, the president of Edison Research.

The campaign was conducted on five renowned brands that most consumers use. According to the research findings, podcast advertising is a huge positive influence on marketing. The following results were indicated.


The service provider for a particular financial service garnered a positive growth of approximately 47%. This was after the study. In the same research study, 60% of the candidates praised a particular grocery store with the services it provides.

That was an increase in client preference by 7%. In the post-study, more than a third of the respondents registered positive opinions concerning a vehicle in the market. This was an increase in preference from the initial 18%.

It was also noted that during the post-study, the garden lawn products garnered 22%. This was a remarkable increase given that the initial stage comprised of a likely to use scenario. Learn more about Norman Pattiz:

Finally, there was an increase in brand awareness on a particular campaign message made for a vehicle. The 60% increase was a positive result. A conventional dining restaurant on the other side emerged the leading in the research study of the market campaign after gaining 76%.


To come up with conclusive results, Edison Research deemed it necessary to have the research program conducted in separate scenarios in a bid to evaluate the accuracy. Apart from the accuracy of the results, it was vital to establish the effectiveness of podcast advertising on the selected brands.

Most brands had a stellar reputation, and this was excellent for a conclusive research finding. On the other hand, other brands needed more advertising services because they were in the trial stage where awareness was needed. The research findings and campaign for podcast advertising led to a conclusion that consumers were keen on products that were advertised. They even had the intention to buy.

Pattiz’s Profile

Norman Pattiz has been the chief executive officer of PodcastOne and his role for that position ended in June 2016. The career executive led PodcastOne into being a leading service provider for excellent news in sports, entertainment, traffic, and advertising.

He also chairs a talent acquisition company called Courtside Entertainment Group. This company is famous for adopting people with raw audio entertaining talent and mentoring the individuals into becoming the voice of the world.

Bruce Bent II: Leading Financial Investing Into The Future

Bruce Bent II began his creative thinking and inventing with a Bachelor of Science in Philosophy from Northeastern University.  Completing his college education in 1991, Bruce Bent II is now the CEO, Vice Chairman and President of Double Rock Corporation.  While serving Double Rock Corporation for the last 26 years, Bent II drives innovative planning and decision making for cash and technology solutions for banking and retail markets.  Under his leadership, the company flourished to become the world’s largest cash management company with $130 billion in assets.

As the CEO manager for Double Rock Corporation, Bent II creates short-term management and cash-related solutions.  Furthering his creative genius, Bruce Bent II is the inventor of over 50 private industry-related patents.  The privately owned inventions help expand FDIC-insured programs leading to the worth a $1 trillion dollar industry today.  Expanding upon his manager skills, Bent II grew the money mutual fund and FDIC management business of The Reserve for over 17 years.

From his leadership abilities, he grew cash products from just $4 billion to $130 billion in 17 years.  After the economic crisis of 2008, Bruce Bent II was responsible for the liquidation and sale of The Reserve’s subsidiaries.  While managing the operations at Double Rock Corporation, Bent II helps oversee operations at six subsidiary companies of Double Rock Corporation.  Before the 2008 economic crisis, annual revenue and EBITDA of The Reserve reached a height of $155 million.

As a leading entrepreneur, Bruce Bent II is featured in leading publications of the Wall Street Journal, New York Times and the Financial Times.  Bent II is considered an expert on patent subject matter for The Corporate Insider’s Guide to U.S. Patent Practice.  His expertise is also featured in the book Leadership Secrets of the World’s Most Successful CEOs.  In his spare time, Bent II works with the Young Presidents’ Organization to connect young business leaders worldwide.  He also gives his expertise as a member of the Enrepreneurs’ Organization and the President’s Advisory Council of Scenic Hudson.

For more information follow Bruce Bent II on Twitter.

Vincent Parascandola: The New York Financial Advisor Extraordinaire

Have you ever heard of the talented and amazing Vincent Parascandola from New York City? Well he is a veteran financial advisor with over 25 years of experience and the current Senior Executive Vice President of AXA Advisors. The company deals with life insurance and annuity products. He is solely responsible for the quick management development, sales, retention, recruiting, production operations and the arrangement of new and experienced financial professionals to help the many customers they keep in contact with. He has to make sure the company is constantly meeting their high standards which are effectively demonstrated when interacting with the customers. Parascandola always make sure his employees are in top-notch condition to perform their duties properly.

Let us go back and talk about his education which was the catalyst for his successful career in the finance industry. Parascandola holds a Bachelor of Science in Finance from the wonderful Pace University. He was always a smart and outstanding student in school. Parascandola would always ask questions or simply ask for help if he did not fully understand a class topic and he wanted some clarification to make sure he understands the class material. He never gave up and kept on going during his midterms and finals. His distinguishable features would soon help him because he would acquire a job with Prudential in 1987 as an agent. Vincent Parascandola was so proud of himself he knew with hard work, came great accomplishments and recognition. He was swiftly awarded the National Rookie of the Year due to his hard work and dedication to the job.

Parascandola was always persistent at Prudential and he was quickly climbing the corporate ladder. He joined Mony Life Insurance Company in 1990, where he held several high-level local and regional field and in-office management positions. Parascandola had quickly impressed his supervisors which aided him to keep on climbing the corporate ladder to even more success. Finally in 2004, he joined AXA Advisors where he would keep on working until he impressively became the Senior Executive Vice President of the company and make it thrive more than ever before.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America-Giving Their All

Cancer Treatment Centers of America have teamed up with NantHealth and Allscripts in order to implement a new solution that will enable eviti to gain access to workflows in the EHR. The clinical Pathways program will inform the treatment processes of cancer. The NantOS operating system was made possible with the input of hundreds of oncologists and is a vast collection of invaluable cancer data.

Clinical Pathways offers all the best treatment options and is helping to eliminate any possible guesswork. It has been designed with the patient specifically in mind and has integrated the most current cancer research available today. The new program is giving oncologists the availability to create a curated list of protocols at the time of care as well.

The platform makes it possible to create custom treatment plans specific to the patient, their disease, and their health and to make comparisons between treatment options. It also makes it possible to access current guidelines, drug reactions, and response rates, as well as toxicity and it supports clinical data.

The integration is giving physicians access to a medical library of over 2,700 evidence-based regimens that covers not only cancers but also cancer subtypes. The library was complied form government agencies, oncology associates, and literature obtained from peers. Each treatment is compiled form outcomes, evidence, toxicities, costs, and literature. This solution plays an important role in giving physicians the tools needed.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is based out of Boca Raton, Florida. There are five hospitals giving care throughout the US. They are serving adult cancer patients from all over the world.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America care about their patients and provides care to not only their patients, but also to the families of their patients. Their hospitals are located in Chicago, Philadelphia, Tulsa, and Phoenix.

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The Past Music Life of Cassio Audi

Cassio Audi is an excellent investment manager who has helped hundreds of people in Brazil with their investments. He has made headlines and carved a reputation for himself in the finance industry.
Before embarking on his career, Cassio Audi was known in the entertainment industry. He was a member of Viper, a Hard Rock music band in Brazil. He was among the founding members, and he played the drum.
Viper was formed in 1985 and ended up recording its first album, The Killera Sword, in the same year. The album performed well and was followed by another in 1987 titled Soldiers of Sunrise, which defined the band and boosted its reputation.
Two more albums followed namely, Evolution and Theatre of Fate, which reflected the maturity of the group. Viper had a solid fan backing and was also recognized by Rock Music Magazines like Kerrang, Metal Hammer, and Metal Forces.
Cassio Audi began his interest in music at an early age in his life. He specialized in drums, and his impressive experience prompted him to take it further. It is believed that the idea of starting Viper came from him.
During his time with the band, he had opportunities of performing in different places in Brazil and other parts of the world.
In 1989, four years after forming the group, Cassio Audi decided to carve another path. He left the band and enrolled at the Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo to begin his career in the financial sector. Viper is still active and comprises new members. The band is considered as one of the best Hard Rock music group in Brazil.

Why Jenifer Walden Chose Cosmetic Surgery

In the cosmetic plastic surgery area of the medical field, there is about 8,100 board certified plastic surgeons with most being male except for Dr. Jennifer Walden. She is one of the 851 women practicing as a board certified plastic surgeon nationwide. Out of this number, she is one of the 180 female members of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Further, Dr. Walden is one out of a dozen in this area of medicine living in Texas.

Speaking of being a plastic surgeon Dr. Walden says she believes that one of the reasons this field is male dominated is because of the amount of training. Since it takes five years post medical school training and often another year or two of a fellowship to become a surgeon and this can create a delay in being able to start a family. Working seven and a half years in New York’s Upper East Side Dr. Walden returned home to Austin, Texas. She worried she might not have a full schedule, though before she arrived in Texas she already had to patients waiting to book surgeries.

She equates being a female surgeon as unusual as a woman working on Wall Street. Dr. Walden says of her practice she has some advantages over her male counterparts since 91 percent of all cosmetic surgeries are performed on women. She says of her patients she can empathize with them being the mother of 17-month-old twin boys and seeing the changes that have occurred. While she doesn’t believe she will ever have implants she has tone Botox Juvederm and tells this to her patients. Dr. Jennifer Walden says she chose this specialty in cosmetic surgery because had a goal to help women improve upon themselves. She believed surgery was a way to give them self-confidence and it makes her happy to help women.

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Thousands Of Customers Trust And Respect

There are thousands of people that have decided to become a part of the secure NexBank financial institution because they are securely backed with an amazing $40 billion dollars in assets. NexBank has been proudly serving the Dallas community for over 60+ years and have a expertise in personalized, industrial, commercial, and investment accounts. You can invest in your retirement or speak to a friendly professional about starting your own business. NexBank, CEO and President, John Holt, is committed to helping his customers gain financial freedom in an unsecured financial economy. You can learn more about their account details by visiting their secure website.


There are over 246,000+ NexBank customers that are a part of the trusted and respected financial institute. Their goal is to ensure that their customers get true financial freedom with ways to increase their hard earned money and have it work for them. You never have to worry about your money and get peace of mind even when you’re sleep because your money is securely monitored and tracked through an integrated financial system. You’re welcome to become a part of their financial institute and take back your financial freedom. Thousands of locals eliminate the crowded Friday payday line with a simple and free direct deposit opportunity.


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– Free online bill pay

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– Anytime access

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You can also save money on college expenses with over 1,500+ programs that are designed to help you save on college tuition and other expenses. This is one of the only services of its kind offered by a financial institute. The goal is to eliminate huge student loan debt. You’re invited to become a part of NexBank by visiting their exclusive website today.


Goettl Describes the Routine Change That Can Significantly Reduce Air Conditioning Costs

Everyone would want to cut on electricity bills. Since power consumption by electrical devices is the main determiner of the amount of electricity consumed, the bill can be significantly reduced by use of efficient devices. For air conditioning, acquiring a new unit often does the trick for the newer a unit is, the more efficient it is. What many people don’t know is that saving money on air conditioning may be as simple as a change of routine. Goettl recently advised on the various routine changes one can undertake to manage power costs.


The Routine Change


According to Goettl, setting a thermostat at a temperature above 78° F reduces its rate of power consumption. It is, therefore, advisable to set the thermostat at not less than 82° F at night and a maximum of 85° F during the day. Secondly, the bill can be reduced by reducing the level of heating in the house, and consequently reducing the energy required for cooling. This can be achieved by cooking some meals from outside. Engaging in family activities outside the house also reduces the need for cooling in the house.


Another routine change that can help one to reduce the costs associated with air conditioning is using natural means of cooling. By switching off the AC and opening the windows instead, can perform the magic. Fixing malfunctioning bulbs, on the other hand, helps in reducing heating in the house. Insulating the windows also reduces the cooling cost by retaining the cool air in the house and at the same time barring warm air from outside to find its way into the house.


About Goettl


Goettl Air Conditioning is a Las Vegas-based private company that has been in the industry since 1939. The company specializes in ensuring quality air for their clients by selling and servicing air conditioners.


For its close to 8 decades of existence, the company has witnessed impressive development. It has acquired several air conditioning companies in Las Vegas and beyond. One such company is The Sunny Plumber.


The Innovative Career of Clay B. Siegall in the Bio-Technology Industry

Dr. Clay B. Siegall has been recognized for many years for his excellent knowledge of genetics and biotechnology. He has spent most his career life conducting research to discover ideal treatments for cancer. Siegall is also a co-founder of a top pharmaceutical enterprise that is called Seattle Genetics. He worked with other researchers to establish the facility in 1998 and has been acting as its CEO and chairperson. The company has a goal of making transformative scientific discoveries, doing detailed research, and developing drugs and therapies that can be used by cancer patients. The doctor has used his excellent knowledge of science to assist the company in creating various antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs). It has commercialized its products, and the first ADC that it sold was ADCETRIS®. The FDA licensed the product in 2011 and Seattle Genetics has managed to distribute it to over 65 countries where it is accepted. A partnership between the firm and Takeda Pharmaceutical Company has enabled ADCETRIS® to grow into a globally recognized brand. Researchers at the company have been striving to better the ADCs that it offers.


Seattle Genetics currently holds different strategic licenses that enable it to manufacture and distribute its drugs in several countries. Examples of the drugs that it has been developing include Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline, Genentech, and AbbVie. The company has successfully generated $350 million from the medicines that it manufactures. The remarkable technology the Clay and his colleagues established at Seattle Genetics has been utilized in the development of more than 20 ADCs. The company has been working with other pharmaceutical corporations to manufacture its drugs externally. Seattle Genetics has developed excellent funding strategies under the management of Clay Siegall, and it has managed to secure a total of $1.2 billion.


Before the establishment of Seattle Genetics, Clay served as a researcher at various organizations. He started by working for the National Cancer Institute in 1988. Dr. Siegall was then offered a position at Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute. He has devoted his career to research work and has published more than 70 books that are used for professional and academic reference. Clay has also made various inventions, and he holds about 15 patents.


Why “No Poo” Shampoos Make A difference

When you use shampoos that contain harsh chemicals, you are doing more harm than good. That is why “no poo” shampoos are the best way to go. These shampoos do not contain a bunch of damaging and chemical-laden ingredients that actually harm your hair. “No poo” shampoos are made with natural ingredients that will not strip your locks of their natural oils and will make your hair stronger and healthier. Shampoos that contain a bunch of harsh chemicals also dry out your skin. Sulfate-free shampoos do not lather and will make your hair much more healthy and more manageable as well. You will even notice that your hair will grow much faster because it is healthier. Using natural shampoo products will save you money since you won’t have to buy a bunch of additional products to keep your hair manageable and healthy-looking.

WEN Cleansing Conditioner was created by Chaz Dean, a well-known hairstylist, and is made form natural ingredients. WEN Cleansing Conditioner will replace your shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler, and leave-in conditioner. It contains ingredients like glycerin, which will moisturize your hair, chamomile extract that is soothing and calming, and wild cherry bark, that will condition hair. It also contains rosemary extract that will sooth locks, and panthenol, which will strengthen your hair. WEN hair care products are ideal for all hair care products and will leave your hair feeling great, since there are no chemicals to strip away any of your hair’s natural benefits like shine and strength.

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