How Livio Bisterzo is Changing the Snack World In More Ways Than One

If you haven’t tried Hippeas Organic Chickpea Puffs, then you’re missing out on a great addition to a healthy snacking diet, and more importantly, a snack that gives back to the community and the environment on Twitter. This 100 calorie, fiber- and protein-packed snack foods are produced from chickpeas grown by the Farm Africa Charity in Sub-Saharan Africa. Community owned farms are able to generate needed income for villagers to support their families, and because chickpeas release nitrogen into the atmosphere, which contributes to soil fertility, they are an eco-friendly crop. Hippeas is an organic, and totally vegan snack, that is available in a range of delicious flavors, like Sriracha Sunrise, Maple Haze, and Vegan White Cheddar, making the perfect addition to children’s lunch boxes or that afternoon snack at work.

The brand ‘Hippeas’, (a homonym of the word ‘hippies’), was purposely selected to signify its own social conscience direction. World issues, such as poverty, climate change, carbon footprint, and economic development, are central to the core mission of this snack food producer. Founded by Livio Bisterzo, an innovator in the food and beverage industry, he has maintained a steady focus on building consumer brands that have a meaningful purpose in improving the lives of growers and consumers. Interestingly, Mr. Bisterzo has managed to partner the serious side of the food industry with a lighthearted, even humorous snack – as the puffed chickpeas are shaped in that iconic 60’s smiley face grin.

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Not surprising, Hippeas’ originality, its ‘good for you’ ingredients, and their sustainable environment platform caught the eye of Starbucks. They have included the gluten-free snack as a grab-and-go option on the company’s distinctive menu. Yet, Livio Bisterzo isn’t surprised at all, having worked hard for over seven years in the natural food industry, he realized the growing international trend towards eating well while sustaining the environment, is not simply a fad, but a new way of living well and aging well.

While having a successful snack product on the market is a worthwhile venture, Livio Bisterzo takes a much greater pride in the social mission that gives back to eastern African communities. This part of the Africa must support 218 million citizens living in rural poverty and operates in an agricultural deficit. Closing the income gap is made possible by private industries helping to transition third world economies that have been curtailed by outdated colonial political systems and internal warfare. And it is for these reasons that all Americans should support brands such as Hippeas; helping to change the snack world in more ways than one.

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Healthy Hair is Possible with WEN by Chaz Products

Whether on television or in magazines, ads for all types of hair products can be found everywhere. When it comes to the Wen by Chaz Dean [see:] hair care line, you can find high-quality shampoos, conditioners, and even styling treatments that are sure to give your hair the moisture and shine your hair has been lacking. This hair product line can be found at your local beauty supply store like Sephora. You can also choose between different versions of this line, such as Lavender, Fig, Cucumber Aloe, and Tea Tree.
How WEN works is that you will need to read the label. Depending on the length of your hair, you will need to use more or less pumps of the product. For example, if you have short hair, you will need about 10-16 pumps. If you have you long hair, however, you may need to use 24-32 pumps. Once you have the right amount of product, you massage it into your hair and rinse it out. Almost right away you will begin to see that your hair is thicker and more luscious. To see this product in action, you can visit Bustle (

When it comes to hair care products, Chaz Dean cares about his products. He wanted to create a hair care product line that will give your hair some bounce and shine, just like you see with celebrities. In fact, he has worked with many celebrities at his Chaz Dean Studio. His hair care products have been a fixture on television shows. Chaz is all about having the right products that are all-natural and organic. He wants everyone to have healthy hair, which is why he came up with his WEN hair care line. If you are looking to try a new hair product, these products are something worthy looking into. Wen products can also be ordered through Amazon.


Securus Highlights On Global Tel Link Wrongdoings and Integrity Breaches.

This is the very first press release about the wrongdoings, misconduct and integrity violations of Global The Link Communications Company. Secures technologies are one of the leading providers of criminal and civil justice technology solutions for investigations, monitoring, correction and public safety. The company has also announced that it is on a mission on releasing numerous and sequential press releases about the findings, facts, and reports that will be a highlight of the integrity breaches as well as the wrongdoings of the GTL communications company. This press release is a representation of the series of articles that are yet to be issued by Securus in the coming six months of the integrity breaches as well as wrongdoings of Global Tel Link Communications Company.

Mr. Richard A. Smith is the Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies and says that he loves this industry where his company belongs. This is for the sole reason that this industry provides inmates, friends, and family, corrections as well as serving as a law enforcement and the society as a whole. He goes further by saying that this company also offends him and his fellow staff in the industry for the reason that when companies of his caliber fall under the threshold line of integrity they have a very high risk of stooping which is not the case with Global Tech Link Communications Company. He says that the primary business that secures company has is not just about making plenty of money. It is all about making their highly esteemed customers satisfied with the kind of services they offer them and take their interests at heart. This is the only way to be successful in business. To that end, Securus is about to release numerous articles about Global tech link and their misconduct aimed at making them start acting with better and higher integrity.

Securus Video Visitation Christmas from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

U.S. Money Reserve President Philip Diehl gives Entrepreneurs Great Advice

Philip Diehl recently did an interview with Eric Dye the Entrepreneurial Podcast Network Enterprise Radio. This particular radio program helps U.S. and international based entrepreneurs to be successful in their endeavors. During the interview Diehl provides lots of useful advice and information who are building their businesses.

Philip Diehl is a US Money Reserve President and he is also a former U.S. Mint Director. His many years of experience has helped him to do some great things while he was in charge of the Money Reserve. He had helped to establish the 50 States Quarter Program and he had also help to mint the first government-issued platinum coin.

Dye had asked Diehl about some of the things that he did while he led the US Money Reserve and the U.S. Mint. Diehl responded by saying that he and his organization improved the customer service of the U.S. Mint. This was a very important step to take because it helped the U.S. Mint to become a stronger player in the financial market and it helped to attract top notch clients.

By the way, the U.S. Money Reserve is one of the America’s largest distributors of precious metal bullion. People can buy precious metals from this organization and not just for retirement purposes. Diehl’s commitment to this organization is helping it to grow by leaps and bounds.

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Why Buy Gold

Diehl also pointed out that the Money Reserve has been promoting a precious metals IRA program that allows customers to keep physical pieces of gold of wealth protection. This program provides people with another way to save for retirement.

Diehl wants entrepreneurs to know that they must strive to change their business to meet the needs and challenges of modern times. Diehl also wants entrepreneurs to stay committed to their dreams and to see them through to the end. More information about Diehl’s interview with Entrepreneurial Podcast Network is available on PR Newswire.

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Internet Reputation Repair Can Save A Company


Anyone involved in business will have found themselves discussing what’s important for a company. It’s readily apparent that everyone wants to know what will help business. But it’s often easier to see what can help a business by first looking at what can hurt it. A recent example of this can be seen with United Airline. The company has been a household name for quite some time. It might seem to be a company which could survive anything. But it recently suffered severe losses simply due to mismanagement of a customer’s guitar. This was further compounded by the fact that they were less than attentive in listening to his demands for compensation. This might not seem like a big deal at first. But what made the difference is the fact that this customer was a noted musician. And a noted musician will of course have a built in audience ready to hear any complaints. He wrote a song all about the events which quickly caught on. And United Airline suffered an estimated $180 million in financial losses as a result.

The reason all comes down to online reputation management. When a company suffers from negative press or even just a negative reputation than sales will always go down tremendously. A company like United Airline might have enough capital to weather the effects. But one can only imagine if a company that had less money to work with had suffered similar negative attention. But again, what a company does wrong can also highlight what a company might do right. A recent study from Harvard looked at the effects of even moderate internet reputation repair. They used the online review site Yelp as the base of the study. The researchers looked at how even a modest increase of one star would impact business. They were able to note that a restaurant would receive a five to nine percent overall increase in business as a result of online reputation repair services.

The reason why this is so important is that reputation can be changed. For example, a company called The Search Fixers specializes in modifying online reputation for their clients. A client will typically sign up due to issues with their online representation. A classic example would be negative results appearing in a search engine. The Search Fixers would come in, and as the name suggests they would fix bad search results. This would involve ensuring that positive instead of negative results come up. By doing so they’re able to secure the positive results of a good online reputation for their clients.

Texas MBA Names 2016 President

NexBank SSB revealed on June 22 that the Texas Mortgage Bankers Association has chosen Mary Pirrello as its president for the 2016 term. She will serve from now until mid-2017. Ms. Pirrello is Vice President of National Warehouse Lending at Dallas-based NexBank SSB.

NexBank’s Mary Pirrello Appointed President of the Texas Mortgage Bankers Association

The TMBA has served members of the mortgage banking and real estate community since 1917. The mission of the TMBA is to expand, improve and protect the professional interests of its members. Ms. Pirrello, who has over 20 years experience in the industry, has been active on the TMBA board and committees since 2007. She is also an active member of the National Mortgage Bankers Association and serves on the NMBA political action committee. At NexBAnk SSB, Ms. Pirrrello focuses on business development and customer relations issues.

NexBAnk SSB is a division of NexBAnk Capital, Inc. It was chartered as a regional bank in 1922, and is a member of the FDIC. It serves primarily medium and large corporations in Dallas and the surrounding region. The bank also serves institutional clients and financial institutions. As part of its growth and diversification strategy, NexBAnk SSB acquired College Savings Bank in 2015.

NexBank Capital, Inc. is a financial services company. Its clientele includes individuals as well as financial, corporate and institutional entities. The company concentrates on providing comprehensive financial services to clients in the mortgage banking, commercial banking and investment banking industries.


You Can Get Started With White Shark Media Today With A Free Evaluation

If you’re looking to improve your business marketing or promote your brand better, Google AdWords is a must for doing so. Chances are you use AdWords already, but even if you’re brand new to it, you could benefit from having White Shark Media manage your AdWords campaigns.

White Shark Media Review team does just that, with their teams of full-trained and certified analysts they can make sure your ads aren’t just doing good at driving in traffic, but actually surpassing your competitors and getting your website traffic volume through the roof.

Plus, you probably want to spend more time keeping your website up to date and appealing to new customers, and not have to worry as much about marketing. White Shark Media can allow you to do that while they focus on the AdWords marketing.

Now before you hire White Shark Media to manage your AdWords, you’ll want to know what they’re about and how they’re going to do that. That’s why they offer potential new clients free AdWords evaluations.

To get the free evaluation, you just go to and fill in the contact form on the evaluation page, and you’ll get a confirmation email on when it will take place.

You’ll follow the link they give you and join one of their representatives at, and they’ll take a look at your current AdWords campaigns and tell you how they would change them so that they do better.

If you like what you see, you can signup with White Shark Media and they’ll get started on building up your AdWords campaigns, but if not you can take the tips you’ve been given and use them for your AdWords.

So if you do decide to signup with White Shark Media, you might still have concerns about how they handle issues that come up. White Shark Media has fixed many problems related to complaints over the years, and one of the complaints was that clients felt they had lost touch with their AdWords campaigns when they turned them over to White Shark Media.

They now have review meetings where they will go over performance, keyword conversion, call tracking, and overall ROI. And if you need to view detailed reports more frequently, these are always accessible through your White Shark Media account.

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Nutrimost: So Amazing that Other Companies Piggy Back Off of Its Success.

The weight loss industry can be an extremely competitive business. So competitive that weight loss company Nutrimost has filed a lawsuit claiming that rival company Healthy Living stole its promotional video. According to the Manhattan Federal Court suit, Healthy Living took the video from the Nutrimost website and removed any references to Nutrimost. The new video would instead include praise and testimonials for Healthy Living’s “Can’t Lose Diet.” Healthy Living initially refused to completely remove the video after receiving a cease-and-desist letter. Instead, a shorter version of the stolen footage was used . Although the video is currently removed from the Healthy Living site, Nutrimost aims to obtain a court order that will prevent Healthy Living from putting up the video in the future. Nutrimost is also seeking $300,000 for theft of the video as well as their loss of “goodwill and reputation.”

Nutrimost is a remarkable new weight loss program that focuses on the individual’s specific needs to help them lose weight. Every person is different, so every person gets their own customized plan with Nutrimost. With the Nutrimost program, it is possible to lose 25 to 45 pounds in 40 days!

It all starts with the use of sophisticated technology that can analyze a person’s body to determine their specific health needs. After that, a unique diet plan is created so that they can lose weight in a way that is right for them. Once the individual has implemented their unique weight loss plan, they can begin seeing results in as little as a week!

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Dogs Are Omnivores!

Beneful is one of the leading brands in dog food. It features original, puppy, playful life, Incredibites for small dogs, and wet dog food, among other things. The original blend uses farm raised beef, chicken, and fish for part of its ingredients. The puppy chow is designed specifically for puppies. It includes Beneful’s usual ingredients of meat, whole grains, and vegetables, plus an addition of DHA. DHA is a helpful ingredient to improve puppies eyesight and brain. The Playful Life variety is for active dogs. Purina Beneful features a smaller pieced food for dogs with small mouths called Incredibites too. It has the same ingredients as the original blend. Last but not least, Purina Beneful offers wet dog food. It features more wet food Incredibites as well blended food. The blended versions has 6 varieties, lamb, chicken liver, turkey, salmon, beef, and chicken. Then there are the Medleys. These medleys include Tuscan Style, Romana, and Mediterranean. The wet food variety continues to include Beef Stew, Chicken Stew, Simmered Beef Entree, Simmered Chicken Medley, Simmered Beef and Chicken Medley, and Roasted Chicken Recipe. Beneful also makes treats [] and dog snacks that are good pet reward. All of these recipes include a whole grain, one variety of vegetable, and of course meat. All these products are available on supermarkets like Walmart.

Purina Beneful has done its research on dogs and what they need to eat. They state that dogs are actually omnivores- they eat meat and other things too. They base their recipes on a healthy, balanced diet for canines so that they can lead long enjoyable lives. Beneful utilizes real chunks of meat in its brand as well as real vegetables and grains.

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Swiss Startup Factory Growing Tremendously under the Leadership of Mike Baur

Mike Baur, the co-founder of Swiss Startup Factory, currently serves as its CEO. Baur’s duties include overseeing the investment strategy of the company as well as its daily operations. He uses his extensive experience to advise both institutional and individual investors on how to establish successful business empires and help them to continue making wise investment decisions. Before co-founding Swiss Start-up Factory, Baur had a thriving career in the Swiss Private Banking sector. Despite starting as a commercial intern at UBS, Baur managed to rise through ranks and became an executive board member of the established Swiss Private Bank.

Educational background

Academic wise, Mike Baur is well established. He earned his MBA from the University of Rochester New York. He proceeded to join the University of Bern and graduated with an Executive MBA. Mike Baur strongly supports educational causes and advises the youths to excel in the academic before venturing into business.


Baur decided to venture into private business in 2014. Together with his two partners, they started the Swiss Startup Factory, a leading independent and confidentially financed ICT Startup with its main offices in Switzerland. Baur specializes in motivating youth entrepreneurs and equipping them with skills of transforming their new startups into successful businesses. Apart from financially supporting numerous Swiss Startups, Mike acts as their mentor.

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Factual details on Swiss Startup Factory

The Zurich-based Swiss Startup Factory specializes in identifying talented digital entrepreneurs and offering them exciting opportunities. Since the company has strong business ties with various established business and high net worth individuals in Switzerland as well as across the globe, it enables fresh startups to tap into new market opportunities. It provides alternative sources of capital to the ambitious young entrepreneurs.

The company conducts an accelerator program, which runs for a span of three months. Through the accelerator program, it offers a unique avenue of services, mentoring, entrepreneurial network, coaching, as well an office space strategically located in Zurich.

Improving customer service

Swiss Startup Factory aims at offering exceptional services and helping entrepreneurs to achieve their goals. In line with this goal, the firm acquired the services of Michael Hartweg, an accomplished business executive and co-founder of Leonteg to not only offer investment advice, but also serve as an investor in firms that have goals of establishing successful businesses in the corporate market. Hartweg will invest specifically in few startups launched from within the Swiss Startup Factory. Additionally, he will coach founders and firms that have ventured into Fintech business.

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